Pay what you want to play

If you like this game you could to pay, any amount of money you believe is OK
Get 1000 coins per dollar in real time and buy chakra, kunais and churikens
Do what it is better with them and help your Ninja to level up without pain
Do not loose more time, let the fun begin, what are you waiting for, go to train

This will help the game to stay on-line, everybody agree fast servers is nice
Choose how your money must to be spent, no middle-man is an excellent way
Cool-graphics explode our eyes in fire, further development and bug-free game
Often improvements you will see, minus the merchant's fees

Thank you for contributing is what we want to say!

$ Currently Average: $14.45 Help us bring this up!


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Your contributions matter! See below how it have been assigned in each aspect of the game. The greater the bar, the better.

Number of contributions
Average contribution $ 14.45
Lag Faster
Crappy Fancy
Buggy Flawless