How to train the most powerful ninja

Today we will learn how to train the most powerful ninja over the Shinobi's world, meaning this at

New Ninja

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Play Naruto Online

Kakashi Hatake, known as the ninja copy, has copied successfully more than one thousand techniques. His name is well know by his enemies. More than 1.000 techniques is a horde!

Well speaking about to copy techniques: it appears to be that it is a good technique :miao:

Some weeks ago one friend did show me a page named “The humble Indie Bundle”. They ran an event to share its games (Linux, Mac and Windows) in exchange of any quantity of money where many contributors did contribute with money for something they liked -a.k.a pay what you want-

The light was turned on in my mind, so I asked to myself:  Why do not try something similar to pay what you want to play naruto online game? If Kakashi has copied many Jutsus using only his Sharingan, then I can also code something similar just using my keyboard - I thought.


Open your ears

One, two, three, four...
This is my favourite Naruto ending theme because the chibi ninjas but it speaks by itself.

So nothing to read but open your ears.


Looking for new ideas

Hello everybody,

If you have visited NinjaNoJutsu (NNJ) website, you will notice that the project is about ninjas like Naruto.

Really it is a very challenging project, more over that I am not a big company. Believe it or not, I am a solo man doing this.  My stronghold is about development and programming; so I was in need to learn a little about many topics such as:

  • jutsu
  • sprites
  • maps
  • svg
  • gimp
  • mmorpg

It has been a very nice experience till now.

I will try to describe a little what the game is about in few paragraphs:


NinjaNoJutsu is a naruto browser game

:victory: Awesome massively multiplayer (mmo/mmorpg) browser game about ninjas.  Even Naruto wants to become an elite Shinobi by playing this naruto browser game; so don't be shy and register for free

:fire: At NNJ you write your own history by learning the twelve seals and doing Jutsus without limit.  Go around the ninja world, train your techniques, prove your skills in combat, interact with other Shinobis, gain the respect of the other, definitively have a fun time.


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