NinjaNoJutsu is a naruto browser game

:victory: Awesome massively multiplayer (mmo/mmorpg) browser game about ninjas.  Even Naruto wants to become an elite Shinobi by playing this naruto browser game; so don't be shy and register for free

:fire: At NNJ you write your own history by learning the twelve seals and doing Jutsus without limit.  Go around the ninja world, train your techniques, prove your skills in combat, interact with other Shinobis, gain the respect of the other, definitively have a fun time.

What do you need to play?

:startle: Nothing! That means no requirements, no downloads, just go to and:


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  • :list of shinobis:
  • :create shinobi: New
  • :shinobi stats:Stats
  • :map:Map
  • :npc:NPC
  • :chat:Chat
  • :jutsu technique: Jutsu
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