How to train the most powerful ninja

Today we will learn how to train the most powerful ninja over the Shinobi's world, meaning this at

New Ninja

Your account

If you still have not created an account, then this is your first step. Come on, what are you waiting for to register a free account! If you already have an account, then login to your account.

Pick your character

Now click over the Play Now button located in the Navigation Bar (in red color) and you will see a screen like that in the picture. Here is where the fun begins. Think an awesome name for your new ninja, add a description (optional) and pick your favorite character.

Now is time to become strong

Well, you know: you have an account. You did pick a character. You have the name. Now what?
Now is time to become strong and make decisions.

Which will be your way? Maybe Taijutsu, no? Then what about Genjutsu or even Ninjutsu.. Don't worry about that, just level up the type of Jutsu you like more; but also pay attention to the skills: agility, strong and mind.

For now that is all I am going to say. But be aware, being a ninja is NOT so easy as it looks, well.. a powerful one.

So, really you want to be a ninja!

Level Up

This is the first taste of many great features on this game; please wait for new features soon.  In the meantime, click Play Now button and create your first ninja on this Naruto online game

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